No Sheep Allowed (NSA) is a collective who organize urban interventions. It's time for action!


Society is changing rapidly, the clock is ticking and meanwhile the actions of some only increase the problems our world it dealing with.

Change and awareness are needed to change the tide. Change through creative activism. No Sheep Allowed (NSA) believes in the power of  people and creativity. Activism combined with wonderment, creativity and play. To connect, and by that spark the change we would like to see. 


NSA organises actions in public spaces for a better world. A place where taking care of each other and our planet is the norm. 

We want to create the crap out of it!


No Sheep Allowed provides a platform for anyone who wants to organise actions and hereby create awareness around a certain topic. For example fast-fashion or housing for refugees. You can use NSA and its network to realise acts of activism. As long as it is creative and playful. 

Just send us an at